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June 25, 2009


So sorry!!! Hope things are better today.

Cameron has done that twice... One needed a stitch, the other I super glued.
The good news is they get better nice and fast.
She'll need lots of ice cream:)
Good job to you for not passing out or something!
Miss you guys.

Tammy, I feel your pain. I passes out once at HOAG after my firend had given birth. SHe was just talking about it and I hit the floor. I am so not good with that stuff. Glad ASh is Okay!

Sorry my friend! I hope she feels better soon! We are going to go try the restaurant you reviewed in Laguna tonight! So excited for Tacos. You are so multi talented my dear :)

Ohh you must have been freaking out! I know I would have! I'm so glad it wasn't serious and I hope she feels lots better soon! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you on Sunday!

Glad she is okay! I would probably have fainted! LOL She is adorable!

I'm pretty sure she's still dang cute even with the fat lip. And seriously, can she stop growing already! I might cry. Miss you guys!

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