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August 22, 2007



Sounds exciting!! Please enter my name in the contest! :)


I'm all for this - thanks for the opportunity!

Linda - aka MommaHo

Sarah B.

What a great opportunity...who can pass up the chance? Love the technique too...I've got to give this a try!!


Thanks for the opportunity to try this!!!

Sounds like it will be a BLAST!!!

Tara - aka tcscrapper (WT)


Sounds like fun! And I know the answer to the clue . . . but I won't tell.

Lisa Conn

HOW exciting!!!!!

I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE the tuition!!!! Pick me!


This looks AWESOME. I would LOVE to try this. Great marriage too, with the class and the kits. FUN

Linda F.

Very cool idea! I'll definitely have to give it a try! Thanks!


Sounds great! I would love to win this as I have never ever taken a class online!!! But I do enjoy watching all your videos and I have used several of your techniques already... can't wait to try this new one!

Tammy Newger

Great Video.
Looking forward to the classes.


Thanks for the opportunity! Looking forward to seeing what classes you have to offer!


Ohhhh this could be a baaaad thing for my checkbook... I know the answer too!!!! I tuition would be soooo fun!!!

Pam Rangel

I loved the video but the volume on my computer was very low. I turned my speakers up to high and still to low. Thank you for the pre-view great idea!


Congrats on your new venture, and I am eager to learn more about your classes! How exciting! Your work is beautiful...


OK- you sold me. I am getting into the kit idea, creating with products that all go together---now a kit with a class, woo hoo!!!

Kimberly Andrews

I just found your site and can't wait to try one of these classes - I love the kits!! I've got my jammies ready to go!

Janice N

What a great class, Tammy! ANd so easy to add the kit to my monthly CC order.

Stacie Kint

I've missed seeing your stuff! Looking forward to seeing it again!

Amanda Barras

Sounds really exciting, I can't wait to see your new adventure start up! Good luck!



I've only just gotten into the kit club at CC, but I love all the minibooks you're posting here! So cute, and I've been dying to make one - I figure just one is enough to get me started!


I know EXACTLY which Kit club :-)... I am very excited for you Tammy!

Lori R

THis would be soooo great! I would love it:)
Pick me:)


Today I have discovered you in "eyoutube" and now your Web page. I just want to say that you and your techniques are simply GREAT. Thank you.

peggy lee

waht an awesome idea. I am new to scraping and i think I am in love. LOl
thankyou for the inexpensive shortcut!

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